Hi, my name is Geoff Kerr and I’m an amateur photographer and self-proclaimed geek. I run this website to showcase my photography work and also have a personal site that showcases other projects that I’m working on.

I’ve been shooting photographs for much of my life. I’d have to say my biggest influence in getting into photography was my Dad; up until my sister was born he had a dark room in our house and was always into taking pictures and even had a few hanging in the house when I was growing up.

When I was in elementary school, my parents gave me a freebie plastic Time Life 35mm camera to play with and I loved it so much that it broke after the second or third time I used it. I think I had an old Polaroid and some 110 camera’s in there somewhere as well.

The real start to photography in my life, however, was back in early high school when I chose to take a photography class as an elective to try to learn about what photography is really about besides just pointing and shooting. The first SLR camera that got me through that class was a Minolta X-700. It was a great camera to get to learn on and I still own it, but rarely shoot it due to the expense of getting pictures out of film-based cameras.

My favorite type of photography is landscape photography, but I occasionally dabble in sports photography, portraits, nature, architectural, and experimental (HDR, long exposure, infrared, etc…) photography.

I currently reside in the Tucson, Arizona area with my wife, where I work as an engineer.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this website. Come back often, as I plan to continuously update this website. Also, feel free to contact me if your interested in purchasing prints of my works, hire me for photography-related services, or just want to give me feedback about my work.



One f-stop at a time